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Dance Plate, West Sumatra

In addition to a wealth of natural attractions, West Sumatra also has many  art and cultures that will leave you gobsmacked. One of which is a dance named Tari Piring(Dance of plate). The last few years, the Government invested the Dance  Plate to be one of the assets to attract tourists. 
Dance of the dish comes from West Sumatra, precisely in Solok. At first, the dance of the plate is done by women and men to bring a patron to the Gods as a form of gratitude for the harvest which gives very satisfactory results. They dance with a very vivacious while holding plates in the Palm of his hand. There are three types of variations of movement in dance plate/dishes, i.e. tupai bagaluik (squirrels cope), bagalombang (wavy), and aka malilik (common sense wrapped around). 
However, along with the influx of Islam then dance is experiencing a shift so that it is no longer to worship the God but rather to be displayed in the event a special day  or a wedding as well. The dancers any shift from initially mixed, are now only performed by women who dressed up pretty. Perhaps you would not believe without seeing firsthand the dancers move fast, attractive, vigorous and very beautiful with the platters in no way sway much less fall. The dance begins with the dancers who started moving according to Dance choreography by putting a plate in each hand without regardless or shifts at all. 

Mood merrier with instruments used to accompany dance, namely talempong and saluang. The costumes of the dancers are usually brightly colored so as to support the excitement of the event. You'll also hear the rhythm of sound generated from  plates that are held with the ring that was deliberately worn around the finger of a dancer. Then, be prepared to hold your breath for a moment at the middle of the show, because there will be attractions are throwing a plate. Yes, the plates held by the dancers intentionally thrown so high  then stepped in with its offshoots of dance movement continued. This illustrates the feeling of elation over a bountiful harvest. Amazingly, it will not be one any wounds in the legs of the dancers even if they stepped it with bare feet. Generally, the dancers in this traditional dances is odd, such as three, five, or seven dancers.
Dance Plate is very famous throughout the world. This dance has been staged outside of West Sumatra, such as Jakarta, Medan, Pekanbaru, and more. Proudly,  the Dance of the plate were also staged in order to tour the festival culture of the archipelago. Not only within the country, dance of the plate has also penetrated into the international world and ever staged in the festival cultural Archipelago in Malaysia, Singapore, Serbia, as well as some countries in Europe.

If you want to display the Dance on event you hold, you can rent a group dance is so that the dancers present in your city and presents traditional dances of West Sumatra directly for Your invited guests. Of course, will make the entire watch be marvel over  unique choreography as well as agility movements of the dancers with the plates in his hands.

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