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Magic House, Rumah Gadang from West Sumatra

The buildings are sometimes also written "Rumah Godang" legalized as Custom House West Sumatra. It is an ethnic Minangkabau traditional houses and spread evenly on the whole territory of West Sumatra, given the region is indeed a Muslim dominated. Another name of this House is the House of Bagonjong or House Baanjung. 
Rumah Gadang/Rumah Godang

Houses Gadang/Rumah Gadang is able to enchant your eyes with beautiful architecture. One of the most consuming concern is part of a similar tapered roof Buffalo Horn. This seems to be the composition of the roof so that the tip can be more than 4 in one home. Once upon a time, the roof is made of Palm befitting to other traditional houses. But advances in technology make House Gadang join preen. Now we can find a House of Gadang with a roof of zinc.

In General, the Houses Gadang is built with a rectangular shape. The body of the House is divided into two main sections namely, face and back. At the front, usually there are many carved ornament with motifs such as flowers, roots, leaves and areas of parallelograms and rectangles. mean while, the back outside of the House using materials cut bamboo. This beautiful House is built by using long poles. the body of the House seems to be elevated to the top but the unique thing is not easy to dye cause of the execellent shaky shocks. Houses gadang features a ladder located at the front of the House. Meanwhile, the room that serves as a kitchen built separately, it is located typically behind the House. 
Inside Rumah Gadang

 Like other custom homes, every part of the House, Gadang also keeps philosophical meaning which is closely related to the culture and religion of the local people. 

Gadang House is as a place to stay with family. But unlike the other House, the separate provisions, Gadang House has features, funtions and meaning, among others:
the number of rooms in houses Gadang depends on the number of women in the family. Each women who have husbands get one room. However, old women without husbands would be given the room its location was near the kitchen. The rooms are generally occupied by small children. Meanwhile, for teenage girls are usually combined in one room and is located on the tip of a separate House.

Spaces in the House, Gadang is always odd, between three and eleven. Custom homes in West Sumatra Province was established on land belonging to the parent in a family house. He also handed down from one generation to another generation. Holders of his heir are women in the family
in addition to the bedrooms, all rooms in the House are public bodies.
At Gadang Home page, generally there are two buildings that are called by the name Rangkiang. The building was home to store rice.

There are also another buildings on the left wing of any right of the House. The building was known by the name anjuang platforms. Its function is as a place for the bride biting as well as treatment. This is the reason that makes home Gadang also known as the House of the Baanjuang.

Besides the Rangkiang, not far from the houses gadang usually also built a small place surau all family members carry out activities of worship, education, also customarily made the beds of men who have not had a wife.
Carving in a wall Gadang House

West Sumatra custom homes has walls which are also unique than its roof. This carved wall filled with little applying the color such as red, green, also sometimes orange. The overall elements on the building makes anyone who looked at will certainly be amazed, including you.

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