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Stone-Burned procession is unique, artistic and antique, are only found in Papua Indonesia

Bakar Batu or Stones burned is a way of Papua communities  in cooking and processing a certain type of food in the festivities. Tribes in Papua in this process ceremony   using stone. Each tribe or region in Papua has its own appellation for this tradition. For example, people  in Paniai might call it as gapii or mogo gapii.  As with other society Wamena to call this tradition with the term kit oba isago, whereas Biak society call it by the term Barapen. However, the term is most commonly used to Fuel this rock Tradition is “barapen”.    

 Solidarity, camaraderie, and good cooperation.

The ceremony of burning stone consists of severals phases:

Preparation phase
At the step of preparation,  began by looking for wood and stone to be used for cooking. This is usually done by men. So , the stone and wood that had been collected  and  large stones placed at the very bottom, then the upper part is covered with firewood.  Furthermore, compiled more stones with smaller size until the top is covered with wood. Then the next pile of stone and the wood is burned up to the stone gets hot.
Burn the pig
After the stone gets hot, every tribe, handed over the pork and turn by turn every head of the tribe of the boar archery. A procession of archery also has its own meaning. If the pig instantly arrow once to die, then this indicates that the event will be a success. But conversely, if the pigs did not die, it is  suspected something goes wrong will happen on the show.


If the purpose of the event of burning stone  is for funerals, the process will be different. In this case, some of the relatives brought a pig as a sign of their condolences. If it does not bring the pig, they will bring the parcel that contains tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, salt, sugar, cooking oil and salted fish. Another thing that is, they  should be kissing the cheeks and cuddle tightly each other.
While men prepare the pigs, the women would prepare the ingredients of food that will be cooked. Firstly, The animal divided  from the bottom of the neck to the back leg. The contents of the stomach that is not eaten will be discarded and another one should be cleaned up first, vegetables and tubers, either.
the hot stones are moved to the big hole

The men also set up a big hole  according to the number of food that will be cooked. Then the hole is lined with reeds and banana leaves. By using special wood clamp called “apando”, the hot stones was moved and put above the foliage. Once it was covered with reeds. So,the pork is put. furthermore, the grilled pork covered with foliage. After that, hot stones are put back on it and covered  by using the thick foliage and herbaceous. 
vegetables are ready to cook

Tubers and vegetableshave been  prepared,  put on it and covered with foliage. And the last, sow it with the ground, for keeping the heat emanating from the rock does not evaporate. Then, wait for about 60 to 90 minutes until pork is cooked and do not forget to give a salt and flavor enhancer.
 Eating together
If everything is ready, it is time for the them to eat the pork dishes. All people will cluster and surrounds the food. In this case, the Chiefs will be guaranteed first, then followed by all people, either,  men or women, as well as children.
all people enjoy the pork, tubers and vegetables

So, one of the unique culture that is owned by papua society, namely party of burning the rock. The Burning stone is eagerly awaited by Papuan. Even some people willingly leave the fields and spend a lot of money to finance the party. Tribes of inland Papua still often carry out this unique tradition. Another  meaning and purpose as party of ritual , bakar batu or burning stone teaches social life such as solidarity, camaraderie, and good cooperation.

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