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Not just unique colors, toraja carving also has unique meanings

Carvings of Tana Toraja found on the buildings or typical objects, is not a usual carving without a meaning but, the carvings as a symbol of the life of Toraja society itself. The way the community socializing and community, the problems  of life is experienced, as well as the ideals enshrined in the community.  

Based on the history of the Toraja, there are 4 kinds of carvings derived from human life. Four kinds of a carving is called Garonto ' Passura ' include Pa ' Barre ' Allo, Pa ' Villages Londong, Pa ' Tedong and Pa ' Sussu '. All the carvings carved in traditional house or Tongkonan with intent in order to make the public bear the meaning of each of these carvings.  
Until now, the Toraja society known as 4 kinds of engraving (passura ') which has specifically rule/meaning  among others:
  1. Garonto ' Passura Basic symbols of Toraja society life.
  2. Passura ' Todolo carvings are concerned with ceremony and the equipment are considered efficacious to the wearer.
  3. Passura ' Malolle '-a symbol of the attitude and social behaviour that are restricted by ethical and moral.
  4. Pa ' Barrean-engraving of the pieces with straight and curved .

The colors used in the carving of typical carving – Toraja society must consist of natural colors.
The natural color has its own meaning and significance for the people of Toraja, tailored to the life philosophy of Toraja society itself. The usage of color is not allowed to be modified or replaced. Color your own carving materials called Litak, Mararang Litak (red color), Mabusa Litak (white color), Mariri Litak (yellow), dan Litak Malotong (black colour).
The red and white colours were taken from the color of the blood and bone man, symbolized by the basic human life. This color can be used in any event, related to the life of the vernacular of the day. Yellow is the color of glory and symbolized as a religious thing, usually used on “Rambu Tuka”ceremony ' for the salvation of mankind. While the last color is black as a symbol of death and worn in ceremonial “Rambu Solo”. The meanings of black is the life of every human being are covered by death. According to the beliefs of the Toraja society, at the past times, called “Aluk Todolo”, this world just as a place to spend the night or while away.

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