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Hudoq Dance Always Accompanies Party Planting and Harvesting Paddy

Almost every ceremonies or parties Dayak community in Kalimantan, such as in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam have tradition to celebrate of Harvest and Planting Rice Party which they called by the term language respectively.

Hudoq Dance

If the Dayak in Busang, East Kutai, East Kalimantan called Party Lomplai, elsewhere called a language adapted to the different tribes and traditions that they keep.
The equation is located on padi planting activities Ordinance and harvest the rice that always include a dance Hudoq dance that epitomizes, i.e. a variety of hope against the coming year's harvest.
Paddy/rice is planted by the Dayak are indeed only padi fields are only planted once a year. Only a handful of the Dayak tribe planted rice like other farmers in Java for example. Because the rice just for family consumption.
Harvest Rice

In some traditions of Dayak big ceremonies, they should do when there is an event of the opening of the land/field, planting and harvest season, as well as other festivals such as birth and death.
The Dayak Bahau society special surroundings and Modang, ceremonies relating to activities associated with planting rice is one of the large ceremony should be done by each village.
Rice planting ceremony usually starts in July and August and ritual Hudoq is held in September or October – two months after the cleanup of the land and the growing season.Rice planting ceremony usually lasts for a week, with a different agenda every day. The most important ceremonies accompanying this activity is a dance Hudoq.
 In the  Hudoq dance, all the dancers used material from suit of banana leaf that has been shredded and wearing masks of wood a variety of characters that typified into various gods as the giver of sustenance, birds and pigs (bavui) as vermin, dogs (asoq) as a guard or a farmer, clerk until there are 23 other characters.
Hudoq Mask
Although for example harvest last year was not much produce rice, but Dayak community still carry out a party without reducing the rations of the person or animal that exists surrounding them, fearing it will disturb the spirits of being responsible for delivering results abound at harvest to come.
 The next day the initial planting ceremony performed by Hipui or leaders of villages and was followed by other officials after that commoners are severally the lapse of a day.
There are dietary restrictions during plant this grain of which road to marked fields that are there are planting rice. This sign indicates to the public that there are activities of planting rice.
 In the event this paddy planting people should not talk with one another and should not touch or talk to strangers they don't know.
When there is an event that the ban was violated, then the paddy planting event was stopped for the day. At that time the population is also not allowed to go out at night, hometown. They didn't allowed for hunting, take fruit or catching fish with nets until the rice planting is complete.
The traditions is so incridible,Dayak communities maintain the tradition of planting and harvesting, Hudoq Dance is a tribute to departed ancestors and deceased dear ones who have died. 

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