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Deadly Sumpit From Dayak Kalimantan

Sumpit or blowguns is the typical weapon of Dayak  Borneo. Sumpit consists of four parts, a rod Sumpit, child of the sumpit/bullet called damek, telep/tolor(a place to put damek) and sangkoh is like bayonet(eye spear made of iron or stone mountain that tied at the end of the rod sumpit)


Sumpit or traditional blowgun made up of bamboo or wooden tube length of 1,5-3 m, Sumpit are equipped with chopsticks bullet with spherical shape approx diameter less than 1 cm. Sumpit bullet(damek) can be made of bamboo which one end is shaped like a cone made of wood mass of light (from wood of pelawi). So that the damek can be streaked with Sumpit straight or as a counterbalance when shooted from the Sumpit. While the other end tapered and are usually provided a very deadly venom. A poison made from the SAP of the forest vegetation and there is still no antidote to their toxicity till now. Sumpit are used in a way blown. Powerful breath is the main factor, whether Sumpit blower will determine the distance to which the damek  can be bolted to  the target. 

Dampek inside Telep/Tolor

Part of the base of the Sumpit are usually larger than the other one, so following this part the damek is inserted and then blown. Between the Reed and the bullet of Sumpit(damek) have a high reliance (mutual support). Although, its reed is nice but the damek made vain ,the result will be less satisfying as well as vice versa. This means that both rules is completing each other,as the important thing in precision about target/prey although also Sumpit blower's breath is also a very important role as well.
To reach the right target and powerful breathing, long Sumpit should correspond to the height of people who use it. The most important part of Sumpit, in addition to rods Sumpit, is its bullet called damek. The end part of damek is cone-shapped, being part of the base of the back is cork and such a kind of branches so that the damek drift towards to the target. Poison damek by Dayak ethnic Lundayeh called parir. A very deadly poison is a conglomeration of various SAP of trees, plants and potions of animals such as snakes and scorpions.

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