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Yadnya Kasada in Mount. Bromo


For the community of Tenggerese, the ceremony is as Thanksgiving to God.  There are many ceremonies in the Tengger society that have many purposes such as, for blessings, distanced the plagues, a form of thanks for the gift of God-given to the Tengger. One of them is Kasada ceremony.
Mount. Bromo 
This ceremony is a ceremony to commemorate the sacrifice of a Raden Kesuma, Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng's son. In addition the ceremony is conducted by tengger society to ask for salvation and blessings. The ceremony was held on 14-16 of month Kasada or when the full moon appears in the sky once in a year. At the time of the ceremony is to take place of the community gathered with tenggerese carrying produce, livestock and pet chicken as an offering that is stored in a place called ongkek. At the time was up to the crater of Mount Bromo, such offerings are thrown all over the place. As for this ceremony is a road test for the new shaman or pulun mulenen for legalized as a shaman, if new shaman erred in carrying out the process of the Kasada ceremony, shaman will be failed to become a shaman. 
Ongkek for offering
Kasada ceremony as a Memorial of the sacrifice of Raden Kusuma is a homage to Raden Kusuma who willingly sacrificed for the safety of the community of tengger. Kasada ceremony in legends at Mt. Bromo there are beings who do not have a name that is described as the origin of the Majapahit-Royal descendants before Hindu Buddha in Java.  There is agreement between the  soul of God Kusuma with communities that have to give offerings on each 14th of month Kasada.
Poten Luhur in sea of sand
In Kasada ceremony there are several steps that must be implemented so that the ceremony took place with a solemn Kasada i.e. Puja purkawa, Manggala upacara, Ngulat umat, Tri sandiya Muspa, Pembagian bija, Diksa widhi, the surrender of the offerings at Bromo crater. 
Kasada ceremony goes by the process begun in kala Sadya puja and ends up Surya puja where all the tenggerese go to Mt. Bromo to convey their sacrifactons. Kasada ceremony began with the inaugural elders Tengger and staging the Ballet of Jaka  Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger in Ngadisari Village open stage. At midnight held the inauguration of Shaman and blessing the people in a sea of sand Mountain Bromo. For the tenggerse, the shaman is a leader in the field of religious affairs that usually leads to marriage ritual ceremonies etc. At the moment before the shaman was sworn, the shaman had to pass the test by way of memorizing and reciting mantras. After the completion of the ceremony, ongkek which contains the offerings sacrificed on the punden cemara lawang and the crater of Bromo. The whole ongkek was thrown into the crater as a symbol of the sacrifice of their ancestors have done.
Inauguration of shaman

Crater of Mount. Bromo

People try to catch ongkek inside Bromo Crater
 Kasada ceremony of the Tengger society has brought benefits to ommunities perched. In addition to asking for salvation, this ceremony is able to suck up a whole lot of attention among the public. There are political values in a ceremony where Kasada ceremony is a ceremony which also aims to plug a political force in the area.

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